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Diabetes Support Group

Living with diabetes involves managing the condition daily and making lifestyle changes. Key aspects include:

  1. Understanding Diabetes: It’s important to understand the different types of diabetes and how they affect your body.

  2. Daily Management: This includes monitoring blood glucose levels, taking prescribed medications, and managing diabetes during sick days.

  3. Healthy Eating: Consuming a balanced diet is crucial. This doesn’t mean you need to give up all your favorite foods, but you might need to think about when you eat them and how much you eat.

  4. Physical Activity: Regular exercise can help maintain a healthy weight and lower your blood sugar level.

  5. Mental Health: Managing stress and coping with the emotional side of diabetes is just as important as the physical health aspects.

  6. Community Support: Connecting with others who are also living with diabetes can provide valuable support and shared experiences.

Remember, with the right support and management strategies, you can live well with diabetes. If you’ve just been diagnosed or have been managing diabetes for some time, there are multiple resources available to help you on your journey. At Emerald Medical Group we have GP's available to assist you on your journey to living well with Diabetes, as well as our local Diabetic Educator, Shirley Ann Bailey, that has appointments available to discuss any needs.

Diabetic education support groups are a great resource for people living with diabetes, their carers, family, and friends. They provide a platform to connect with others having a similar experience, share experiences, ask questions, gain knowledge, and feel more supported.

Shirley Ann Bailey, a Credentialed Diabetes Educator, is an integral part of the Emerald Medical Group in Emerald, Queensland. Her passion lies in supporting individuals on their diabetes journey. Shirley Ann will be leading our first free in house Support Group on Thursday the 16th of May 2024 at Emerald Medical Group.

We feel strongly about educating those living with diabetes and their support networks. Book your spot now with our friendly reception staff or book online.

Morning tea will be provided.

Call us today on 07 4986 7400

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