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Visiting Specialists and Allied Health Services

We have a number of Visiting Specialists and Allied Health services that work independently from our practice.

Please call 07 4986 7400 to find out more information.

Or contact the Specialist directly. 

Dr David Campbell

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr David Campbell frequently visits our surgery and also conducts appointments via Telehealth from the medical group.

Appointments with Dr Campbell are booked with his office in Brisbane.

Contact number: 07 3839 7800

Website: Dr David Campbell - Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon: Home


Advara HeartCare frequently visit Emerald Medical group providing cardiology services for our local community.

Website: Cardiology, Sleep & Respiratory Clinics - Advara HeartCare


CQ Nutrition provide nutrition and wellness advise to many of our patients.


To find out more about CQ Nutrition or to book an appointment please call: 07 4911 4060

Website: Nutritionist-Dietitian Clinics QLD | CQ Nutrition

CQ Hearing by Manning Audiology


At CQ Hearing by Manning Audiology, we understand that one device cannot be perfect for all. That’s why we work with top brands and manufacturers to ensure that you get hearing devices that fit your lifestyle and needs. With comprehensive hearing tests, personalized device recommendations, fitting and adjustments, experience world-class services. Supported by our Rockhampton clinic we visit Emerald Medical Group each month to bring experienced world-class services to Emerald.

Finding comfortable and easy to wear hearing aids should not be a hassle. At CQ Hearing by Manning Audiology, your convenience is a priority. We provide customized devices that are built to last.

Our range of comprehensive tests and expert advice throughout your consultation ensures that you are getting the right device. Additionally, we offer finance options that make it incredibly easy.


Our Services are.

  • Full comprehensive hearing test 

  • Device fittings

  • Rehabilitation 

  • Tinnitus Management

  • Central Auditory Processing Testing

  • Paediatric Testing

  • Wax Removal 


To book in for our next Emerald visit call 07 4922 4623

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