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Containers for Change

Help reduce the number of drink containers that litter our environment, and at the same time you’ll help fund new medical equipment and research to improve the health and welfare of the communities in our region.

All you need to do is bring your empty beverage containers to Emerald Medical Group


drop them at the Re.Turn-it Collection Centre on 10 Glasson Street using code C10056217.

It’s that simple.


Eligible beverage containers

Most aluminium, glass, plastic, steel and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and three litres are eligible for a refund when returned to a container refund point. To be eligible the beverage container must:

  • Have contained a beverage product that is not excluded from the scheme.

  • Display the refund mark. This is so that the container refund point operator can see if the container is part of the scheme.

  • Be an approved container. Some containers are made out of materials that cannot be recycled.

Be sure that the containers are empty and have the caps off.


Non-eligible beverage containers

There are some beverage containers that are not eligible for a refund. Generally excluded containers are those that are less than 150ml and greater than three litres. Other excluded containers include:

  • Any plain milk containers

  • Any glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits

  • Containers 1L or more which have contained flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice, cask wine or cask water

  • Concentrated/undiluted cordial or syrup containers

  • Sachets above 250ml which have contained wine

  • Registered health tonics

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