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Emerald Medical Group: Putting Patients and Community First

Emerald Medical Group (EMG) isn't your typical healthcare provider. Located in Emerald, Queensland, Australia, they're a shining example of a social enterprise. But what exactly does that mean?

Here's the breakdown: Unlike traditional medical practices owned by individual doctors or corporations, EMG operates with a social mission at its core. Their profits aren't distributed to shareholders; instead, they're reinvested back into the community and improving patient care.

Born from a Community Need

The story of EMG began in 2013. The community of Emerald identified a need for improved access to general practitioners (GPs). Through collaboration between local medical professionals and community members, a unique solution emerged: a GP superclinic established as a social enterprise.

This innovative approach ensured the clinic would be governed by a board with the community's best interests in mind, not private profits.

Benefits All Around

The social enterprise model offers a multitude of advantages:

  • Improved Patient Care:  EMG can focus on providing high-quality, patient-centered care without the pressure to maximize profits. This allows them to invest in advanced equipment and services that benefit patients directly.

  • Community Investment:  Profits are directed towards initiatives that enhance the overall health and well-being of the Central Highlands region. This could include funding for health education programs, outreach clinics in remote areas, or scholarships for future healthcare professionals.

  • Prioritizing Community Needs: EMG has been able to purchase equipment to aid our community with services locally. Some of these include:

  • Mask Fit Testing equipment for the respiratory clinic.

  • Treadmill for cardiology stress testing

  • ISimulate Clinical Education Technology to assist in training our doctors in emergency situations. We also support appointments for Headspace and the Neighborhood Center to identify people in need and prioritize early detection or preventative measures, promoting long-term health and reducing future costs for patients.

  • Better health foundation: EMG is linked to the Better Health Foundation to facilitate access to medical care for identified vulnerable patients at no cost to the patient. The foundation also supports health promotion activities within our community such as free mini health checks at local events, diabetes education services and health heart week activities.

  • Sustainability:  The social enterprise model fosters a sense of ownership and responsibility within the community. Everyone has a stake in EMG's success, which promotes long-term sustainability for the clinic.

A Model for the Future

The Emerald Medical Group stands as a prime example of how social enterprises can revolutionize healthcare delivery. By prioritizing patients and the community over profits, they're making a positive impact that goes far beyond the walls of the clinic.

Is socialized medicine the same as a social enterprise?

No, socialized medicine refers to a healthcare system funded by the government, while a social enterprise operates independently but reinvests profits for social good.

Interested in learning more?

Please contact us via email on or call on 07 4986 7400 to discover more about our services and our commitment to the community.

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