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Dry July and its benefits

Did you know July is Dry July? This month-long challenge encourages participants to abstain from alcohol for 31 days. But Dry July is about more than just kicking the cocktails for a bit. It's a fantastic opportunity to reset your health and well-being, all while raising funds for a worthy cause – cancer support services.

At Emerald Medical Group, we support Dry July. We see firsthand the positive impact it can have on our patients' lives. Here are just a few of the benefits you might experience:

  • Improved sleep: Alcohol disrupts sleep patterns. By taking a break, you can expect to fall asleep easier, wake feeling more refreshed, and enjoy better quality sleep overall.

  • Boosted energy levels: Alcohol can leave you feeling sluggish. A month without it can lead to increased energy and improved stamina.

  • Weight management: Alcoholic drinks are often packed with calories and can contribute to weight gain. Ditching them can help with weight loss or maintenance.

  • Sharper mind: Alcohol can cloud your thinking and memory. A break can lead to improved focus, concentration, and mental clarity.

  • Healthier skin: Alcohol can dehydrate your skin, making it look dull. Dry July can contribute to a more radiant and youthful complexion.

Beyond the physical benefits, Dry July can also be a great way to:

  • Reduce stress: Contrary to popular belief, alcohol can actually worsen anxiety. Taking a break can help you find healthier ways to manage stress.

  • Strengthen your willpower: Completing Dry July is a great accomplishment that can boost your confidence and self-esteem.

  • Support a good cause: The funds raised through Dry July go towards vital cancer support services, making a real difference in the lives of those affected by this disease.

Emerald Medical Group is Here to Support You

Whether you're a seasoned Dry July participant or considering taking the plunge for the first time, Emerald Medical Group is here to support you on your journey. We can provide guidance on:

  • Healthy alternatives to alcohol – explore delicious mocktails and other refreshing drinks.

  • Managing withdrawal symptoms – some people experience mild withdrawal symptoms when they stop drinking. We can advise on how to manage these effectively.

  • Tips for staying motivated – we can offer advice and encouragement to help you stay on track throughout the month.

Join the Movement!

Sign up for Dry July today and take charge of your health! Visit the Dry July Go Dry this July ( to register and learn more. Together, let's raise vital funds for cancer patients and improve our overall well-being.

The team at Emerald Medical Group wish you all the best on your Dry July journey!

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