Waiting times

How long will I have to wait for an appointment?

Waiting times for the clinic vary based on how many doctors are available. Please understand that we provide care to people living in Emerald and the surrounding areas and we will always do our best to find an appointment for you where we can.

Will the doctor be running on time?

We know how important your time is. At Emerald Medical Group, it is our aim that no patient has to wait longer than thirty minutes beyond their appointment time, and we map and monitor our progress in meeting this goal. However, at times, our doctors are busy and may be running behind or may be called away for an emergency or a birth.

At these times, we will do our best to advise our patients of any wait times when they arrive at the practice and we will contact our patients to reschedule their appointments whenever possible.


Patients awaiting test results can phone the practice for their results between 11am and 1pm on weekdays.

Waiting Room