Our Latest Projects

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Your Health

A health improvement initiative

Last year a group of people from the community took part in a six week health improvement program aiming to change unhealthy habits in all aspects of life. The program was lead by Rene Thompson, a holistic health consultant from Emerald and Nancy Leach, our Community Engagement Officer and qualified Personal Trainer. For more information on this program or other upcoming programs like this- please contact us on enquiries@chhealth.com.au

Rural Medical Resilience partnership

Another of our current projects involves exploring strategies to build resilience in the rural medical workforce, reducing the potential for mental illness or suicide. Our program is evidence-based and is the largest trial of only nine similar programs throughout the world (and involves doctors throughout Central Queensland). We’ve modified the program to meet the needs of our local partners, including adding a “buddy system” for the first time. This is vital because doctors, particularly rural doctors, work in relative professional isolation.

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