Medical Administrator- Emerald Employment medicals

The Medical Administrator for Emerald Employment Medicals will undergo a number of responsibilities spanning across both Employment Medical and Emerald Medical group.

The Medical Administrator will provide support and advice to patients who are undergoing coal board medicals, employment medicals and other work-related medical processes. They will work along side our employment medical doctor, assisting them with functional fitness testing, spirometry testing and other medical tests related to these medicals. the successful candidate will be required to have comprehensive understanding and knowledge of these processes and will have already achieved their certificate IV in fitness. They will be required to be fully proficient in all Microsoft suites and will ideally already have an understanding of the Best Practice medical system and how to navigate this.

The Medical Receptionist will provide professional administrative support and advice to patients and staff in the processes associated with patient services including appointment scheduling, billing and receipting as part of a multidisciplinary team.

The Administration Team is fundamental and plays an integral role in the day to day functionality of the Practice, the business efficiency and management of patients as well as the management and processing of patient information, records, referrals and billing.

The position reports to the Chief Executive Officer.
The position requires close working relationships with the Admin team, Nurses and Doctors.


Duties and responsibilities for this position include but are not limited to:

  •  Assisting the Employment medical doctor with employment medicals.

  • Timely completion of the Coal Board Medical.

  • Liaison with local mining industry professionals.

  • Conducting of spirometry testing.

  • Aiding the nurses with employment medicals.

  • Filling out work-related claims and return to work certificates.

  • Booking medicals and ensuring that they are running to time each day.

  • Provide a responsive service with the ability to effectively and efficiently interpret the needs of patients that present. themselves at the practice and over the telephone in a professional and courteous manner.

  • Answer the phone and check messages, check and respond to emails and faxes and internal messages.

  • To provide professional Administrative services to visiting clinical services. Administrative tasks are.
    to be performed in a professional, effective and efficient manner.

  • Pursue all potential fee-paying patients at the time of the appointment ensuring they have been.
    accurately informed of their payment options and what the processes are in relation to the Medicare and relevant rebate if applicable.

  • Faxing, emailing and sending of the referral documents related to the Patient’s further treatment requirements.

  • Maintain detailed administrative notes within the patient’s record to ensure patient administrative related activity is. recorded adequately and informatively.

  • Respond to all queries and requests for assistance from patients, doctors and other visitors.

  • Ensure that patients without appointments but who need ‘urgent consultation’ are seen in a logical and non-disruptive manner.

  • Produce documents in a timely and efficient manner through the use of various software packages.
    including Microsoft Office with a high level of speed and accuracy.

  •  Inputting of information into spreadsheets as required.

  • Review and maintain an effective office filing and records system and manage associated.
    computerised databases, ensuring documents are filed promptly.


  • Candidates for this position will be required to be available to work all opening hours of the clinic. This includes week day hours from 7am to 7pm and weekend work. Candidates must also be able to cope in high pressure and faced paced work environments and must be comfortable working in a customer-facing role.

  • Candidates must be required to be educated to at least Bachelors level degree or higher. They must be able to demonstrate strong literacy skills and ability to communicate effectively.

  • Candidates must have cert IV in fitness and a strong understanding of anatomy as they will be required to assist the doctor with functional fitness testing.

  • Candidates must have a comprehensive understanding of the Coal Board Medical process and medical objects.

  • Candidates must have an comprehensive understanding of spirometry testing.

  • Candidates will ideally have an established knowledge of working with local mining industry.

If you think that you would be a good fit for our team then please send your resume to