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About Us

The Emerald Medical Group is a primary healthcare practice dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of the Central Highlands’ communities by providing high quality patient-centred medical care that is accessible and affordable.


We offer a range of diagnostic, health and medical services provided by General Practitioners, Nurses, Allied Health Professionals and Visiting Specialists. Pathology, Pharmacy and Diagnostic Ultrasound services are co-located on site.

Our medical staff form part of a greater medical and healthcare community. We believe that maintaining currency of practice and keeping up-to-date with innovation is critical. Medical training is a core aspect of the Emerald Medical Group: we support an increasing number of registrars in our practice each year (including medical students and international visitors exploring the Rural Generalist Pathway).


Many of our medical staff are studying to achieve their specialist qualifications in General Practice supported by senior colleagues. We believe in sharing professional development opportunities and working together, which includes working with the medical staff at the Emerald Hospital and other general practitioners in the Central Highlands.

Our values of Quality and Safety First, Healthy Community, Integrity, and Innovation and Change are lived every day by our doctors and staff. These values resonate with our team because they are similar to the aspirations held by the community: Emerald people are unafraid of confronting difficult issues and believe in working together to make our community a better place for all.